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ANCA Motion builds flexible solutions for automated control systems. Our stand-alone EtherCAT® servo drives are designed to seamlessly integrate with any third-party equipment helping our customers innovate and stay at the top of their game in the food packaging industry.

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Drive Control

Our servo drive controls are designed with application specific capabilities, delivering high performance without increasing costs. Each standalone drive is able to control pre-defined motion paths for even the most complex profiles. The control of the profiles can be co-ordinated over a EtherCAT® fieldbus or by local IO inputs, making for integration easy with most common PLC’s. This helps in reducing overall system complexity and costs by decreasing the number of components required to achieve high performance solutions. Each drive is certified to S.T.O safety standard SIL Claim Level 3 safety function and PLe, Category 4.

Customisable Firmware

Our firmware is completely customisable allowing you to program complex logic and motion, directly onto the servo drive. The customised firmware is easily deployed and can be programmed at the factory or in the field over EtherCAT®. The firmware can also be locked to only allow execution on hardware you’ve authorised, further protecting your intellectual property.

IO Flexibility

With an IP65 rating and up to 2 Amps from each of the solid-state outputs, our IO devices support a high number of outputs in a compact design. The IO can be decentralised and located in a position where it is most needed. This device is perfectly suited for driving solenoids and other high current actuators and integrated with a wide range of common sensors such as proximity switches and photo sensors. Everything is connected by EtherCAT® cable, reducing wiring costs and making configuration quicker and easier.  

To help promote your unique application, we offer the option of rebranding our products to meet your marketing requirements.


The dedicated team of professionals here at ANCA Motion have established a reputation for passion, uncompromising quality, willingness to take on challenges, engineering excellence and manufacturing experience that is respected around the world.

We are an Australian company who design and support hardware and software solutions for Australia and globally. With a large support team globally, our head office is located in Australia. Our group of engineers provide local support for Australia as well as overseas, designing solutions to meet your needs.

ANCA Motion have helped us innovate and stay at the top of our game Phil Jensen, Technical/Quality Manager, TNA Australia

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